“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
—Benjamin Franklin

Creating Effective SEO

What are the best keywords to use in order to attract potential customers or clients to a website? When people search on Google using specific keywords to find a product or service offered, it’s important for the business to match the same keywords being used. As a Local SEO specialist, my goal is to assist local, small businesses with increasing traffic flow to their websites, and expanding their online presence so that people who are Googling these pages with specific keywords, will be able to find you for a product or service will increase the chances of landing on your page.

How I Work With You

Business Goals

I learn about your business background and website goals.

Website Pages

I analyze your website pages and site maps in order to add any appropriate SEO-rich text.

Phrase Research

I do extensive research of phrases your clients/customers generally use to find you.

SEO Tags

I create SEO tags for your target phrases: page titles, descriptions, URL’s, H1 tags, and much more.

Team Effort

I work closely with your web designer/developer to support in implementing the changes I recommend.

Online Presence

I review your online presence for consistency, both on your website and other platforms associated with your business (Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) for technical issues impeding its search ability on Google.